706 UNITED connects the work of the Interagency Council, feedback from United Way’s cross-sector relationships, and insight from key stakeholders to inform how we identify and prioritize challenges in our community and build real, sustainable solutions-- but how?

By establishing our community’s first Continuum of Care (CoC) for nonprofit services across Rome & Floyd County, 706 UNITED creates a seamless crisis response system through coordination of available services, helping to connect people to interventions that ultimately prevent those individuals from becoming homeless.

We have a rich and diverse abundance of direct service nonprofit organizations, each working diligently on vital, specialized missions. For a person in crisis, the challenge of navigating these different services to meet complex needs is difficult. 706 UNITED assists with this by connecting each person to :

  1. Access – an initial engagement point for persons experiencing a crisis.
  2. Assessment – process of documenting a participant’s needs, preferences, and vulnerability.
  3. Prioritization – process of assigning level of need or vulnerability to persons seeking assistance so that services can be allocated to those persons with the greatest need.
  4. Referral – matching persons to available community resources and services.

706 UNITED is United Way’s multi-phased effort to align and support existing services, most of which are concentrated within city limits, and extend those services to our county communities.