Georgia Rental Assistance Help

We are excited to partner with DCA in support of local Landlords and Tenants seeking to qualify for Georgia Rental Assistance funding. Our team has been trained to assist those in Floyd, Polk, and Chattooga Counties throughout the application process. 

Need Help with the Georgia Rental Assistance Application?

Step 1: Go here to quickly find out if you qualify:

If you do qualify and would like assistance from United Way in completing and submitting your application, please collect the required information below and then email us at HOUSINGACCESS@UWROME.ORG, or give us a call! 

To apply for the GA rental assistance program, you will need to bring the following documents:


- Lease or Certification:

- lease or agreement signed by both landlord and tenant

-  if month to month, certification that they still reside in rental unit

- Risk of Housing Instability Documents:

- eviction notice --or--

- past due rent or utility notice --or--

- signed verification of housing instability (options include: past due bill, dispossessory notice, writ of possession, pdf or screenshot of online payment portal or signed verification of housing instability)

- Low Income Documents:

- copy of 1040 for 2020 or 2021 filed with irs --or–

- documents of annual income (options include: wage statement, interest statement, unemployment compensation statement) --or--

- receipts of forms of benefit income (such as TANF, SSI, SSDI payments)

- paystubs or letter from employer --or–

- child support/alimony payments

- bank statements

- retirement income, pension disability or death benefits statements

- Students over 18 with income should also submit documentation verifying full-time student status (class schedule)

- Covid Hardship Document : available online

Need Help with these Documents? Go here:



- Statement of delinquent rent form for each tenant

- Proof of Identity

- Proof of ownership (deed, current tax record or insurance binder

- property manager must attach documents showing authorization to act on behalf of the

property owner

- IRS W-9

- ACH payment form (direct deposit)

- Section 8 applicants will only be able to receive tenant portion

- Family : must prove documentation that true landlord-tenant relationship exists (lease or written and signed attestation as well as past rental payment history of no less than 6 months


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