You've Seen them. Made eye contact.

You might have handed out a few bucks. If you looked away, it tends to make an even stronger impression in your mind. Because even if they don't live on your block, they're your neighbors, too.

Many are in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter not just to get by, but to survive. Families are one paycheck away from losing their home, losing everything. Children need help not only with learning, but learning how to live.

UWRF needs you to look, make eye contact, and join the fight. Because your passion, your knowledge, your humanity will help the fight become a win -- for everyone.


Say Yes

Giving to United Way is the most powerful way to give. Every mission is worthy. With United Way, your gift goes where it is needed, when. A single donation helps numerous people, agencies, and programs, building a healthier, stronger community! Say Yes.

See Why

There is goodness in everyone. When it activates and truly comes alive, great things can happen. The best way we know to bring it out is to give and to volunteer. See your gift in action. Whether it is for an hour, a day, once a week, or once a month, you can create a tremendous impact on another person's life. See Why.

Sarah Roethel, Pirelli Volunteer

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