The enduring path to ending homelessness is to fix the systemic problems that cause it: social inequalities of income, wealth, and opportunity, and the failures of the social safety net.

The ICPH is comprised of local governement, nonprofit, & faith leaders and others working to improve the quality of life for all in our community. It is led by a dedicated staff position funded by UWRF, City of Rome, & Floyd County.

UWRF funds ICPH priorities and provides 501(c)3 status, enabling our community to financially support community-led efforts to end homelessness by addressing root causes and intervening with people before they reach a shelter door.

The ICPH encourages organizations and individuals to team up and identify solutions with the support needed to monitor and adjust priorities in real-time, according to changing needs and progress. It ensures the community as a whole receives regular, updated reporting and continued opportunities to engage and invest time, advocacy, and funding exactly where and when they are most needed.