The enduring path to ending homelessness is to fix the systemic problems that cause it: social inequalities of income, wealth, and opportunity, and the failures of the social safety net. To do this, we must work together as one community, UNITED.

Comprised of local government, nonprofit, faith, and other community leaders, the Interagency Council encourages organizations and individuals to team up and identify solutions with the support needed to monitor and adjust priorities in real-time, according to changing needs and progress. It ensures the community as a whole receives regular, updated reporting and continued opportunities to engage and invest time, advocacy, and funding exactly where and when they are most needed.

What about identified gaps no one is addressing? Gaps identified through the work of the council are addressed through United Way Pilot Programs. Teaming up with key stakeholders, United Way builds a solution focused response around the unaddressed issue, implements the response, and supports it until, ideally, a local provider is identified who can incorporate the program into their mission. This ensures we are addressing the service gap in a sustainable way. United Way moves to the next identified gap, and the next, as our community weaves a tighter, more reliable social safety net. Pilot Programs that do not fit within another organization's mission may be incorporated into the mission of United Way, or hosted there until a better fit is found.