When you support United Way of Rome & Floyd County, you directly support NO LONGER INC. a fully-funded, evidence based program seeking to reduce recidivism, increase employment of those with felony backgrounds, and increase adherence to medications for those struggling with a mental health challenge.

Every day, people in our communities struggle with economic issues that are overwhelming, and for those who have spent any amount of time behind bars, it can have a devastating impact. NO LONGER INC., a new program to help once-incarcerated men get back on their feet, can have a positive impact on these men's lives and on the next generation as well.

A life of recovery that once seemed distant and unattainable is within reach because of YOUR GIFTS to United Way of Rome & Floyd County. With a goal of 10 by the end of 2020, NO LONGER INC. currently has 3 peers in the fully-funded program. The men selected have exhibited consistent strides toward staying clean and moving forward with their lives. They are employed, gaining housing and experiencing life to the fullest NO LONGER INC. (incarcerated)

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