Did you know that a child who spends just one hour a week with a mentor is less likely to hit someone, skip school, skip class, and start using drugs or alcohol? And that’s not all - mentoring a child can help enrich a child’s life as much as your own.

While the nation’s graduation rate stands at 84 percent according to the Department of Education, historically underserved students still lag behind. Kids go to school more when they have a mentor, so attendance goes up. Young people with mentors are more likely to aspire to attend and to enroll in college. These life-long effects are reason enough to support a student in your community.

When you support United Way of Rome and Floyd County, you directly support mentoring and our community's youth through fully funded programs like the YMCA's "Teen LAUNCH" program and the Boys & Girls Clubs' "Project Learn."

Mentors provide trusting relationships and a great source of stability for students. Young people want and need adults other than their parents to be a good ear, a sounding board, and a role model. When mentors make time to develop ongoing relationships with at-risk youth, the results are LIFE-CHANGING! With strong mentor relationships youth have been shown to avoid using drugs or alcohol; get better grades in school; develop self-confidence; trust their teachers; and set goals and raise expectations. #LIVEUNITED

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